About Us


The New York Organization of Nurse Executives and Leaders represents the integrated voice of nursing leaders who are intent on shaping the future of nursing and healthcare in the State, and is the New York affiliate of the American Organization of Nurse Executives. The mission is to promote excellence in nursing through transformational leadership with the vision of being recognized as a catalyst for collaborative and innovative nursing leadership in our State.

The members are comprised of nurse leaders who represent health care organizations and related agencies and businesses, along with institutions of higher learning.  The State is divided into six regional organizations that bring diverse opportunities and challenges to the membership to affect healthcare change. Because we believe that one of a leader’s responsibilities includes mentoring of aspiring leaders, the organization provides for student membership for those pursuing education for leadership roles.

The organization's strategic initiatives include:

  • Acting as a resource for members and regions.
  • Providing education and leadership development
  • Influencing Public Policy
  • Forging strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • Encouraging Magnet® qualities in member agencies
  • Promoting education/practice partnerships.
  • Fostering evidence based leadership and research.

These initiatives are addressed by the Board of Directors, composed of leaders from all regions and committees, who are selected by their colleagues through an election process to represent them and their voice. There is ongoing collaboration with multiple nursing and health related organizations or coalitions as well as government agencies.

Committees are constituted by representatives of all regions, performing the following functions:

  • Best Practice – develop criteria and select regional (6) best practice projects awards annually.
  • Bylaws – solicit and prepare potential bylaw revisions for member voting.
  • Communications – maintain website content.
  • Education – develop and present continuing education programs/webinars etc. for members.
  • Education & Practice Partnership – address issues effecting pre-professional education and clinical experiences in agencies or transition into practice in frequent collaboration with the Councils of Deans & Directors of NYS schools.
  • Finance – advise the Treasurer and Board of Directors.
  • Program – Plan and conduct annual leadership conference.
  • Public Policy – evaluate issue, formulate position statements and recommend action on legislation & regulation to Board of Directors. Conduct advocacy events.
  • Research – conduct studies at the request oif the organization and present education on findings.